Goodbye and Thank You!

What an amazing journey and adventure it’s been since starting, building and growing Gym Gypsy. And yes, us includes YOU! This whole wild experiment to get people to focus on big goals, real plans, massive action and consistent tracking has produced some wonderful success stories that wouldn’t exist without our Subscribers and supporters.

  • Long standing life and fitness goals finally achieved.
  • Better awareness and more consistency to build healthy habits for life.
  • Businesses created.
  • Competitions faced.
  • Addictions conquered.
  • Gratitude and intention established as a way of life.

And on and on…

It’s been very special and is one of the greatest life experiences that we’ve had.

And the process has taken us on our own journey of growth as well.

One that has left us to face a question that becomes louder, the further you go, in pursuit of any goals.

Rather than ask, “What do I need to do to be successful?”

The reframe becomes, “What do I need to stop doing, so that I can be more successful?”

Between the 3 of us as owners, there are 2 small children and 4 different businesses that didn’t exist when Gym Gypsy was founded. Seems like that whole goals, plans, actions thing has something to it! And as awesome as it has been, Gym Gypsy has become that which must stop being done, in order for all who are involved to pursue greater success.

The reality is that if your attention is everywhere, it’s nowhere and if you’re doing everything, you’re accomplishing nothing. Combine that with the aggressively rising costs to produce and distribute an American made physical product that must be shipped and the universe made the path forward a bit more clear.

But it’s not, “Goodbye and so long.” It’s really more, “See you later.”

We know this is an important and valuable tool and we want to keep access, so we’re looking at options for an undated digital option so you can print your own pages as needed. We’re also suckers for swag and will always have one foot in the fitness space, so don’t be surprised if you see some sweet athleisure wear at some point.

Thank you all so very much for the time we’ve spent together and for your support! We never could have done any of this without you and without “this” our amazing new opportunities would likely not exist.

To new adventures,

Nessa, Chuck & Ben