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  • Success Story: Angie Mar

    Oct 17 2017

    Age: 34 Height: 62 in Starting weight: 210lbs Current weight: 130 Starting size: 20 Current size: 0/24 Occupation: I'm in the medical...

  • 5 Important Considerations for Training Cycle Retesting

    Oct 03 2017

    Of course, we're not talking about academia here and those midterms or end of year exams. Nope. We're referring to the athletic variety o...

  • Success Story: Katie Burbige

    Sep 19 2017

     Age: 29Height: 5'5"Starting weight: 225lbCurrent weight: 162Starting size: 16-18Current size 8-10.Occupation: 7th&8th Grade So...

  • Goal30: Change Your Whole Life!

    Sep 01 2017

    Do you have ambiguous dreams for your future or defined goals? Are you paralyzed by overanalyzing the things you want to change in your l...

  • Set Up Your To-Do List According to Your Personality!

    May 22 2017

    There’s a ton to be said for how much more you can get accomplished with lists and how much more manageable they can make your life. (How...