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Record ALL the Details with Gym Gypsy Workout Journal!

Posted on September 02 2016

Record ALL the Details with Gym Gypsy Workout Journal!


Vanessa shares the features of the Gym Gypsy Journal's daily recording page and why she designed it that way.

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The Gym Gypsy Journal daily recording pages allows you to track a number of very helpful data points.

To Do & Appointments

Nobody likes getting home and realizing that you forgot to pick up bananas or missed lunch with your BFF. We are all pretty bad at remembering these things when we are focussed on other tasks. That is why the To Do list and Appointments for that day, are at the very top of the page.


Get some clarity with the focus of you day and record this at the top. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in just trying to get our workouts done and forget what the priority is. We can't focus on everything everyday. Look back on this section if you feel that you may be biasing or neglecting one area.

Don't forget to record these other key areas that are sometimes overlooked. Your mood, hours slept, stress, fatigue, soreness and motivation can have a significant impact on your overall health and fitness. Use this data to help link information together and notice any patterns that may be forming. How is it effecting your fitness, your job, your diet, your relationships and your wellbeing.


This section is for you to keep track of the types of warm-ups you are performing for that day.

Here are some examples:

  • Pigeon and Lizard yoga posses to warm-up the hips for a squatting/leg workout
  • 400m row to get the heart rate up for a cardio workout
  • Upper thoracic extensions for a gymnastics workout

Strength/Skill Work

In this section, you can record the strength or skill biased workout. Record the rep scheme, load and focus for this session. Use any additional space to write down any notes about how the session felt. Did you feel super strong and do better than expected? Was your mobility limited by muscle fatigue or soreness? All of this information is very useful to discover what is helping your improvements or contributing to a some slow progress.

Some examples are:

  • 15 mins to Heavy Back Squat 1 rep
  • 10 mins of Handstand Walking max distance


The Conditioning section is used to record any workouts that build your endurance and cardio. Record the workout scheme, time and any other useful information. If this session felt great, check your Personal Records page and see if you have made any improvements.

You could record:

  • 8 rounds of Tabata Rowing calories burnt or total distance
  • 5 km run time
  • 30 mins of Swimming


Big progress can be made in noticing the little things. Don't assume that you are eating healthy without keeping a detailed record. We have seen many people experience dietary and health improvements by tracking their meals. They don't realize the snacks and food they eat in between regular meals could be having a significant effect on achieving nutritional goals. Nutrition effects your mood, sleep, fatigue and numerous areas of your wellbeing. Tracking all of this information and discovering correlations between them, may be the key to unlocking your success.


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