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Sunday Session: Samantha Huston

Posted on September 04 2016

Sunday Session: Samantha Huston

Amazing shot by Luke Tevebaugh.


Athlete:Samantha Huston
Best competition snatch:71kg
Best competition cj:88kg
Back squat:124kg
Front squat:105kg

Samantha Huston canoeing


1) What kind of athletic background did you have prior to starting CrossFit?

The only athletic background I had before I started CrossFit was competitive cheerleading, which I did for about three years. Then, about a year into CrossFit, I fell in love with the olympic lifts and knew weightlifting was the sport for me.


Samantha Huston laughing

2) What does your day in your life look out on average?

Morning: wake up, make coffee, grab a protein bar (“Oh Yeah! One” bars are my favorite)

9:00: go to the gym to get my morning workout done (always squats)

Afternoon: go home and make lunch (chicken, rice, veggies is my go-to meal), get school done and anything else that I have to do before heading back to the gym

2:45: head back to gym

3:30: stretch and warm up

4:00: team practice (I’ll usually have a yummy snack, like a pop tart, and aMorningn iced coffee with me)

7:30:head home from the gym

Nighttime: make dinner (breakfast for dinner is my fav…omelette, baco
n, potatoes), shower/epsom salt bath, stretching/mobility, TV watching laziness with my favorite shake (chocolate casein, banana, peanut butter) Doughnuts!

Samantha Huston eating donuts


3) What’s in your gym bag?

My must have items in my gym bag are my weightlifting shoes, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, weight belt and my journal. I don’t do any supplements around training time. I usually just have coffee and a pop tart!


Samantha Huston USAW competition

4) Your favorite workout, lift, movement

My favorite lift is the snatch. I enjoy cleaning as well, but jerks are my nemesis right now.

Samantha Huston's family


5) What motivates you?

My family, coach and teammates motivate me everyday. But I am also very self motivated. And I try to treat every training session like it’s my last.

Samantha Huston Wall Balls

Revisiting some CrossFit! Shot by Luke Tevebaugh.


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