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Sunday Session with Alexis Burgan

Posted on December 27 2015

Sunday Session with Alexis Burgan

This week, we're featuring Alexis Burgan, coach and athlete at CrossFit Overtake,  who also completed at the American Open this year in the 58 kg weight class and is a two time regional competitor for Team Density!

 Featured Athlete:Alexis Burgan

Weight:130 lb
Clean and jerk: 220 lb
Snatch:165 lb
Deadlift:285 lb
Squat:280 lb

Alexis Burgan at the USA National Weightlifting Championship 2015


1) What kind of athletic background did you have prior to starting CrossFit?

I played all kind of sports growing up, but volleyball was the one sport that I really focused on for about 10 years. I played in high school and in club but my senior year of high school, I decided that volleyball wasn't for me but instead Crossfit was my new passion.

Alexis Burgan - American Weightlifting Open 2015

2) What does your day in your life look out on average?

4:40am: Wake up and head to the gym for my 5:30 am class.

5:30am-7:30am: Teach 2 classes.

7:30am-8:30am: Go home, cook breakfast (which usually consists of 2-3 eggs and peanut butter along with some form of carbs).

9:30am: Teach class.

11:00am-1:00pm: Train (which consists of some version of weightlifting, strength, conditioning piece, and ROM WOD).

1:30pm: Eat lunch, this is typically my largest meal right after training, lots of protein and most of my carbs for the day come around my workout.

2:00pm-5:30pm: Work on homework. I do online college and most of my studying happens during this time.

6:00pm-8:00pm: Teach class.

8:00pm: Any extra work my coach prescribes.

9:00pm: Dinner,more homework, and sleep.

Alexis Burgan - Team Density

3) What’s in your gym bag?

Inside my gym bag I only carry the essentials. I have my Nike Romaleo Weightlifting shoes, Nike Metcons (new to the bag and also my new favorite shoe), knee sleeves, wrist wraps, jump rope, extra long socks in case of rope climbs, big water bottle, shaker, and in a separate bag on the side my Progenex Protein and More Muscle that I take after my workout.

Alexis Burgan - Workout Bag

4) Your favorite workout, lift, movement?

I love working on almost everything, but if I had to pick I would say the weightlifting movements snatch and the clean and jerk are my favorite. There is ALWAYS something to be working on. There are so many meticulous little pieces that go into each movement and I am lucky to have a coach that taught me how to do it correctly from the beginning. Still, everyday I come into the gym, there are several little things that I can be making improvements on to clean up my lifts even more.

Alexis Burgan - CrossFit Games 2015 Team Density

5) What motivates you?

I have always been an all or nothing person. My parents taught me either you put everything you have into something or not at all. Crossfit OverTake is exactly that for me, I have a place that I can go and be pushed to my physical and mental limits every single day and put everything I have into it. But the biggest motivating factor for me is the people I surround myself with, the people that allow and make sure that I am giving everything I have. The members in my gym, my coaches, my teammates, my family, and my friends those are the people that motivate me to be better every single day. There is always somebody watching you, what you’re doing and depending on you and the last thing I want to do is let somebody or myself down. So every day I step into the gym, I make sure that I do everything in my power not to let that happen.

Alexis Burgan lifting at the USA National Weightlifting Championship 2015


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