Road To A Championship: Part 1

45 year old, Monique Ames, the current National Weightlifting Champion, shares what it takes to be the CrossFit and weightlifting athlete she is today.
Kat Leone Dumb Bell Snatch

Sunday Session: Kat Leone

Meet the owner of Vull Sport and CrossFit Costa Mesa team member. Read about Kat's crazy schedule and her passion for fashion & design.
Courtney Worthington Kettle Bell

Sunday Session: Courtney Worthington

Name: Courtney Worthington Age: 29 Height: 5’1 Weight: 135 Snatch: 160 Clean and Jerk: 200 Back Squat: 265 Bench Press: 170 1)What kind of athletic background did you have prior to starting CrossFit? I was an abysmal…
Samantha Huston Weightlifting

Sunday Session: Samantha Huston

Check out Samantha Huston and her Sunday Session! This 19 year old stick of dynamite is coached by @carmargo_oly and certain to make big waves in the world of Olympic weightlifting!

Sunday Session: Erin Coppola

Featured Gym Gypsy: Erin Coppola Age: 28 Height: 5'4" Weight: 130 lbs Snatch: 155 lbs Clean and Jerk: 190 lbs Squat: 255  lbs About me: I love fitness and I love food. My husband and I own CrossFit OverTake in Texas just north…
Jessica Estrada by the water

Sunday Session: Jessica Estrada

Featured Gym Gypsy: Jessica Estrada Age: 33 Height: 5'0" Weight: 120 lbs Snatch: 150 lbs Clean: 200 lbs Clean and Jerk: 190 lbs Squat: 240 lbs Deadlift: 330 lbs Grace: 2:08 Fran: 2:44   Jessica Estrada loves the outdoors…
Kellie Huston Overhead Squat

Sunday Session: Kellie Huston

My training partner had skipped out on the majority of our training runs leading up to this half … she had been so busy “cross fitting” that she hadn’t had time to log many miles. When she crushed my time I had an “aha moment” and googled the nearest CrossFit facility in my area and scheduled an intro for the next day.
Lauren Brooks Yoga

A Conversation with Lauren Brooks

If you’ve been “into” CrossFit for a few years, chances are you know very well who Lauren Brooks is, or maybe I should say, you know who she was. If not, I’ll give you the short version. Lauren Brooks, found CrossFit in 2010 and rose…
Alexis Burgan at the CrossFit Games 2015

Sunday Session with Alexis Burgan

This week, we're featuring Alexis Burgan, coach and athlete at CrossFit Overtake,  who also completed at the American Open this year in the 58 kg weight class and is a two time regional competitor for Team Density! Featured Athlete:…
Nadia Zebouni

Sunday Session with Nadia Zebouni

Our featured athlete this week is Nadia Zebouni. She is a coach, program analyst, diet coach, and regional athlete for Team Soul/CrossFit Soul in Miami. Nadia has a fantastic outlook regarding training, her nutrition and life in general AND…

Sunday Session with Kalynn Pepito

  Athlete: Kalynn Pepito Age: 22 Height: 5'4" Weight: 140 lbs Deadlift: 300lbs Back Squat: 285 Front Squat: 235 Snatch: 155 Clean and Jerk: 205 1) What kind of athletic background did you have prior to…

Sunday Session: Q & A with Pamela Gagnon

Welcome to the first of many Sunday Sessions when Gym Gypsy interviews a female athlete who we feel embodies the Gym Gypsy spirit. Pamela Gagnon is a perfect example. She's a lifelong successful  athlete having competed in collegiate level…