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Gym Gypsy

Workout Journal

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Let’s make it quick:

The Gym Gypsy Journal is our no-BS real life creation that we designed & used to get our own fitness lifestyle on track.

We still use it to KEEP our busy life running smoothly.

What will it give you? More balance, less stress, more progress, less frustration.

A happier, healthier, more productive life.

Subscribe and try it.

Seriously, give it just 30 days of honest effort.

Your entire life will be different.


We believe in you.

We know you don’t believe, yet, but can we tell you a bit more first?



Look, we get it. No, we mean we REALLY get it. Adult life can kind of be a $#i7show, amirite?

Work, bills, family, cooking, cleaning and trying to not look like a dirty, bridge troll takes up more hours than you ever imagined they would.

Somehow, you’re supposed to crush it at all of that, but also consistently workout and manage a diet of purpose rather than convenience…

And also pursue your professional success…

And your personal development…

Not to mention resolving your childhood traumas and overcoming your self limiting beliefs…

All while also getting plenty of recovery and self care…

“Treat yo’self!” indeed, insert eyeroll.

Then through the greatest effin’ miracle that the universe has ever known, you’re supposed to:

Relax, unwind, be less anxious, and “be present”.

The Gym Gypsy Journal calms the chaos and also stokes the fires on the flames of success. It’s more than just a journal, it’s a tool for transforming your life.

We know, because it’s the result of us developing the tool that WE needed to transform our lives.

Then the lives of the clients in our gym. Then the lives of THOUSANDS of amazing Gym Gypsy #goalgetters all over the planet.

We want you to set bigger goals, build better plans, take more action and build the life of your dreams!

“What’s in the Gym Gypsy Journal you ask?”


Before we even get to tracking and organizing your life, we start with an entire goal setting guide.

Getting deep into your “Why”, what drives you, and visualization exercises for picturing your ideal self and life. There’s even a freaking Vision Board section so that seeing what you’re working towards is only ever a few pages away!

Every journal, you’ll structure better goals, with more clarity, figure out how to take action RIGHT NOW, and also smash your excuses, obstacles and triggers.

With your tracking you’ll set daily:

  • Goals & To Do’s; stay on target and on track
  • Intention; remember who you are becoming
  • Gratitude; enjoy the process and journey
  • Reflection; savor the wins and learn from the losses

You’ll pay attention to your health inventory and work your way toward amazing:

  • Mood
  • Stress
  • Motivation
  • Energy Level
  • Hours Slept & Quality
  • Body weight
  • How you feel

Your fitness lifestyle will stay dialed in tracking:

  • Workout
  • Effort
  • Nutrition
  • Personal Records (PRs)
  • Goals for Each Month
  • Important Dates and Events
  • To-Do Lists
  • Appointments
  • Nutrition Guide with 480+ foods


  • 8x10 inches; big enough to actually write in, small enough to carry everywhere
  • 180 pages; just enough to make it through 90 days of crushing goals
  • Durable cover; it’ll survive in your gym bag
  • Inside pocket; we put ideas and loose notes in ours
  • FREE SHIPPING (to domestic USA)